Your Visit

Preparing for your next visit - COVID-19 Update

Our appointments are a bit different to keep you and our team safer. We ask for your patience and understanding.

  1. Only the patient should attend. Accompanying persons are not permitted to enter, except for essential caregivers. Please limit to one additional person (for example a child or someone who needs assistance).

  2. We do not have public washrooms, please prepare for appointment prior to arrival (brushing teeth, washroom use, etc.) - emergency only! 

  3. Currently the front door is kept locked, you can text, phone, or knock on arrival. 

  4. You will be screened with a number of health questions on the day of your appointment, online, phone, or on arrival. 
    To screen yourself online click here. This must be within 6 hours of your appointment time.

  5. If you have mask, we recommend wearing into the clinic. If you do not, you will be asked to wear a mask until treatment begins.

  6. You will be asked to used alcohol-based hand sanitizer for your hands.

  7. Our goal is to get you directly into the operatory without waiting... but if you are early (or we are late) we have limited socially distanced seating. Once in the operatory, we ask that you do not leave unless directed to.

  8. Our care givers will be in new garb... gowns, masks, glasses, hats, and more. 

  9. On completion, you will be asked to use hand sanitizer on exit, and if you develop any COVID-19 symptoms in the next 14-days we ask that you notify us. We will use this with the health unit to help contract trace.

Online Forms

We have a number of online forms that you can complete prior to your visit. This will save you time and ensure we have the most accurate information.

Preparing for your First Visit - Important Information Required


Prior to the Appointment, we need you to provide your personal, medical, and dental history, and a release for any records/radiographs from your previous dental office. This allows the best use your time with us in the office enables our providers to concentrate on the critical information.


Depending on the nature of your visit, select the appropriate package. You will need to provide for each patient.


Completing the forms:

  1. You can print these and complete by hand.

  2. If you have the ability to edit PDF, you can do so electronically.


Returning the forms:

  1. Email: Return to us at - You must use an encryption method to ensure the information remains confidential, is a simple and secure method.

  2. Fax: Send us a fax at 705-743-5680

  3. Bring to your appointment. Note that if this is for an OR visit at PRHC, the forms may be required prior to your appointment date - contact the office to clarify when these forms are due.



Your Visit

  1. Please arrive and register with a member of our business team.

  2. The first portion of the appointment will be with the business team to ensure we have your correct personal information.

  3. You will then meet a clinical team member who will escort you to our clinical area. This member of our professional team will review your reason for the visit, medical, and dental history and update any radiographs (under the direction of Dr. Kathryn Moore or Dr. Sarah Trotter).

Clinic Location

The clinic is located in the Annex of the Harness Factory building.  Just pull into the parking lot on the north side of the Harness Factory building and the clinic entrance is at the back of the parking lot. 


Key landmarks are the No Frills parking. We are directly across from them.

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